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Convert for Windows

Convert for Windows is a free and easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom … Continue reading

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‘Economic Stimulus’ payment

Sometime this year, we taxpayers will again receive another ‘Economic Stimulus’ payment. This is indeed a very exciting program, and I’ll explain it by using a Q & A format: Q.  What is an ‘Economic Stimulus’ payment? A.  It is … Continue reading

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StoneyRidge Orchard & Winery

Don’t know how I missed this as I walk by here quite often while walking Max. StoneyRidge Orchard & Winery

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Electric Fence

Got this in an email today from a friend: If you have ever used an electric fence or know someone who has one you should read this.  The  language used is a bit salty, but ‘he tells it like it is’ without … Continue reading

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Journal moved

Moved the South Erin Journal from to the other day.  With all the updates in WordPress and/or plug-ins the past few months it was getting harder to keep up with the changes manually.  So I moved the Journal … Continue reading

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50 Places Linux is Running That You Might Not Expect

Found this on one of our mailing lists here: 50 Places Linux is Running That You Might Not Expect

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Leaf Wetness sensors

Replaced the old Leaf Wetness sensors today which were activated many years ago.  Seems they don’t last forever which I had hoped. Will clean/fix them if possible, and use them as either backups or as additional sensors for the North … Continue reading

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